main_sparse_multiplayers module

Script to load the config, run the simulations, and plot them, for the multi-players case with sparse activated players.

main_sparse_multiplayers.USE_PICKLE = False

Should we save the Evaluator object to a .pickle file at the end of the simulation?

main_sparse_multiplayers.PLOT_DIR = 'plots'

Directory for the plots

main_sparse_multiplayers.piechart = False

Plot a piechart for collision counts? Otherwise, plot an histogram.

main_sparse_multiplayers.averageRegret = True

Use average regret ?

main_sparse_multiplayers.normalized = True

Plot normalized regret?

main_sparse_multiplayers.fairnessAmplitude = False

Use amplitude measure for the fairness or std?

main_sparse_multiplayers.subTerms = True

Plot the 3 sub terms for the regret

main_sparse_multiplayers.do_simple_plots = True

Whether to do the plots for single experiments or not

main_sparse_multiplayers.do_comparison_plots = True

Whether to do the plots for comparison experiments or not

main_sparse_multiplayers.interactive = False

Whether to show plots, one by one, or not at all and just save them

main_sparse_multiplayers.saveallfigs = True

Save all the figures ?